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Sarah Spencer Chapman DO FRSC
Registered Osteopath

Sarah graduated from the Institute of Osteopaths receiving the John Brown Memorial Award and has practiced around the world including Harley Street, Ischia (a thermal island in the Bay of Naples) and the Cotswolds. Having lectured at Oxford Brookes and Swansea University’s Sarah's style is underpinned in the way she practices, with a strong educational approach. Sarah equips her patients with the knowledge that enables them to understand how their body's work and manage any health related issues. Sarah began her working life as an Ocean Sailor and worked in Development in Africa. It was in these early days having the privilege of observing tribal populations that she gained a fascination for health and movement.

Outside of working hours Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, is interested in Sculpture and art and still loves being on the water. She has close connections with and visits Kenya as often as she can.

Sarah's Professional Training Includes :

Diploma in Osteopathy, 
ASA Coaching and Teachers Award; Aquarobics Teacher Training, 
Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, 
Leadership in Osteopathy,


Jamie Morris M.Ost

Registered Osteopath

On leaving school I had no idea what I wanted to do. I tried a plethora of jobs, trying to find something I could enjoy and make a career out of. From working in a call centre to cooking pies on a hot counter, but what really grabbed me was personal training. Why? Because I could help people feel better about themselves and in a lot of cases take them out of pain. In my head that was something to be proud of and gave me huge enjoyment. After doing that for 5 years I knew I was capable of more, that’s when I decided to study Osteopathy. Although the training was challenging, the philosophy of Osteopathy provided me with the tools to really make a difference. This fitted in perfectly with the way I trained people in the gym. For me, I not only want to get people out of pain, I want to see them thrive and achieve more than simply gain a bit of pain relief. That means educating people in how to manage not only their symptoms but the underlying cause of their complaint, aiming for optimum health and empowering them in their life.

Jamie’s Professional Training Includes :

Masters Degree in Osteopathy

Personal Trainer Cert Level 3

Specialises in Corrective Exercise

Pilates Mat Work Cert

Kettlebell Cert

Paul Foley - Nutrition Functional medicine hereford

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Nutritional Therapist

Paul is a functional medicine practitioner and registered nutritional therapist. 

Paul is passionate about working to create an integrative healthcare model for clients. A wellness model that uses diagnostic tools to look at your specific biochemistry and then implement the most recent and relevant medical literature to create programs that are specifically tailored around your needs rather than a prescription for your condition.

This comprehensive holistic model integrates Diet and lifestyle, structural alignment, herbals, supplements, movement, mental health and more to break through old habits to create incredible health & vitality

Outside of working hours, Paul enjoys attending health seminars, spending time with family and friends and reading. 

Paul's Professional Training Includes :
CFMP Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with teh functional medicine university.
Diploma in nutritional therapy with the college of naturopathic medicine in London.

hereford clinics counsellor, laurel tester counsellor

Laurel Tester MBACP
Counsellor, MBACP

Our counsellor and Psychotherapist, Laurel, specialises in trauma and helps individuals from a wide range of backgrounds heal from the ongoing effects of traumatic experiences. Laurel works in an integrative way, meaning that she incorporates various theoretical models to best suit her clients' needs. Laurel has an awareness of the neurological impacts of trauma and how our experiences are processed in the brain. She also supports individuals in healing Adverse Childhood Experiences which studies have found have a long lasting impact on our emotional and physical health throughout life.

Laurel began her training in 2010 in Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy. From there she completed further training in Group Analysis. Since her initial qualifications, she has worked extensively with trauma and survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Throughout her career she has found it the greatest privilege to work with others in assisting them in gaining mastery over their lives and deepen their relationships. She has worked with a diverse range of individuals and has an unwavering trust in the human ability to heal and thrive if given the right support.

Laurel's Professional Training Includes :

Person Centred Counselling FdSc - 2013, University of Worcester
Foundation in Group Analysis through the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA)
Currently training in Cyber Therapy at The Online Therapy Institute

Herefords, Lactation Consultant, Leah Gallagher

Leah Gallagher IBCLC
Lactation Consultant

Working to support mothers and babies to breastfeed.

Leah first became involved in Breastfeeding in 2007 when she was employed through the Primary Care Trust in Hereford as part of a small team to raise breastfeeding rates within specific target groups and in areas of social deprivation. The project was a huge success but was given no further funding so Leah qualified as a Lactation Consultant in 2009 and began to work privately. Not only are the health benefits of breastfeeding lifelong for both mother and baby, it supports on every level the emotional and mental health and development of the infant.

As every child and every situation is unique, Leah works to support women and babies with basic breastfeeding challenges to more complex situations.

Leah's Professional Training Includes :
BA Hons Sociology
Lactation Consultant IBCLC
UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative in Breastfeeding Management
La Leche League Peer Counsellor Programme Administrator


bridie shaw bsc(hons),.ac,lic,ac,mbacc

Bridie trained at the internationally renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) in Reading. 

Bridie's style of acupuncture  integrates both Traditional Chinese and Five-Element Acupuncture. This enables Bridie to support patients presenting with both acute and chronic conditions and to respond effectively to issues of a physical, psychological or emotional origin. The beauty of this approach is that although treatment may initially be focused on a specific symptom/s, patients will likely begin to notice improvements in other areas of their wellbeing. In addition to treatment, Bridie will offer support and guidance relating to lifestyle changes that might best support patients in achieving and surpassing their health goals.

Outside of working hours, Bridie enjoys a variety of dance and movement practices, spending time with loved ones, creating nutritious recipes and being in nature. 

Bridie’s Professional Training Includes:

Certificate in Auricular Acupuncture for Addiction and Detoxification from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA GB)
BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture from The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine
Professional Diploma in Holistic Massage from Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork