5 Daily Habits to help you Win at life

Tim Ferris recently wrote an article about his 5 habits that make sure he 'wins the day'. Here at Hereford Osteopaths we have compiled our own top 5 habits you can start right now that will put you on track to a happier day, week or year and a more fulfilling life.

1. Make your bed

Making your bed when you wake up sets the foundations for a great day ahead. Once you have made your bed you can say 'today I have achieved something' a small sense of accomplishment early in the morning sets you up psychologically for the day ahead. One of the first steps in recovery from depression, PTSD or any form of mental breakdown is to begin the day positively. A further example of this was  Navy SEAL commander Admiral William H. McRaven who saw this rather simple act as being very important. Other High-achieving military personnel have been known to openly praise the subtle effects of this simple act forming up for a productive day. Furthermore, returning home to a made bed no matter the day is a wonderful feeling, no matter what has happened in-between.

2. Meditation & Mindfulness

Setting aside 10 - 20 minutes every morning is brilliant boost to your daily routine. Apps such as 'head space' offer fantastic guided meditations for those of you beginning to contemplate meditation. Other you tube guided meditations are available from chakra meditations, to daily motivational and mantra meditations. 

Another easy way to bring meditation into your daily life is through practicing mindfulness. A great place to start is in the shower. Usually in the shower your thoughts drift away to past events or what lies ahead. Conciously focusing on where you are in the shower - how the floor feels against your feet, the sound of the water hitting your head, how the soap froths up when you lather your body, the smell of the soap, how the towel feels when you jump out of the shower, the change in temperature stepping out. Focusing on the physical sensations of showering forces you to be present in the moment and disengages you from your thoughts blowing you the space and freedom to really enjoy every moment of your life consciously and proactively. Other ways to practice mindfulness include when eating, brushing your teeth, sitting in traffic in the car. Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand and see how much you have to concentrate and how hard it is to think about anything else when you are physically challenged to act in the moment.

3. Exercise 

Its no unheard cry to be told exercise make you happier. Exercise releases endorphins, kick starts your metabolism and makes you feel better. Whether you wake up and manage a few yoga stretches, a stroll in the park or a flat out run and swim. Small steps towards an active lifestyle will greatly benefit your overall happiness and well being.

4. Smiling & Socialising

Human interaction is know to make you feel better. Walk out the house, smile at a stranger and go engage with people. If you are not already connected with friends join a group or activity that builds your social hub. You could combine the socializing with exercise ; go to a yoga class a dance class, or even a coffee in a sociable spot. Smiling whether you feel happy or not has been proven to make you feel better. The Neuro pathways in our brain subliminally make us feel better through the simple act of smiling. So even if you don't feel like it, break out a smile and see how much better you feel.

5. Something for others

Doing something outside of your own world and inner environment is a great start to long term happiness. By helping someone else you not only aid them in their day to day life but ironically will be helping your self in doing so. Volunteer, help someone with their shopping, smile at a stranger, start a new conversation. Try getting out of your own inner world, out of your phone. Look up, smile and know that your smile is not only raising their mood but could even help your own.