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Sarah Spencer Chapman, D.O.

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Sarah is an experienced Osteopath with 30 years practice in Health Care.

She has recently taken ownership of The Hereford Osteopathic Centre.

Prior to this, Sarah practiced around the world including Harley Street, Ischia and the Cotswolds. 

Lecturing at Oxford Brookes and Swansea University’s Sarah has experience in teaching as well as being a hands on Osteopath, while practicing as a Master NLP Practitioner and a hydro osteopath.

Originally she was an Ocean Sailor and worked in Development in Africa and it was in these early days that she gained a fascination in health and movement.

Having survived a tragic accident off the coast of Kenya aged 22, Sarah went into the bush in Malawi with an American Peace Corps Nurse and learnt a hands on approach to care.

Having the fortune to travel to remote parts of the world when sailing, and observing, amongst others Orinoco Indians in the delta of the Orinoco and Inuit in the high Arctic, Sarah developed her interest in how people move.  

She followed her desire to give something back in the memory of those effected by earlier events and started on a journey of building a toolbox of expertise.  In 2007 she went with a medical team of 22 into Kibera, the slum that wraps itself around Nairobi, after the post election violence, where there are 3 million displaced people living with no sanitation, no infrastructure of water or electricity, and as a team treated some 3,000 people in 2 weeks.  It is this medical model that Sarah has a desire to replicate here in Hereford.

She incorporates these into her practice today and lives by the theory that movement in everything is the key to wellbeing. 

Sarah has two children and a grand daughter who are living active lives based in and out of the country and has found a new home in the beautiful city of Hereford.

To mark Sarah's arrival at the practice her daughter has painted the door a bright teal to mark a new beginning and represent water, movement and health flowing through the practice doors. 

Paul William Brown, Sports Therapist.

Paul Foley, Nutritionalist.

Vanessa Hamilton, Acupuncturist.

Karle Prates, Eurythmy.




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