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Sarah Spencer Chapman DO FRSC

Registered Osteopath

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Sarah is an experienced Osteopath with 30 years practice in Health Care.

I am excited to say that I have recently taken ownership of The Hereford Osteopathic Centre.

Prior to this, I practiced around the world including Harley Street, Ischia and the Cotswolds. 

Lecturing at Oxford Brookes and Swansea University’s my experience in teaching has added to my toolbox of expertise and drives the way I practice. With an educational approach, I aim to equip my patients with the knowledge that enables them to understand how their body works and manage any health related issues.

Originally I was an Ocean Sailor and worked in Development in Africa and it was in these early days that I gained a fascination for health and movement.

Having survived a tragic accident off the coast of Kenya aged 22, I went into the bush in Malawi with an American Peace Corps Nurse where I had my first taste of a hands on approach to care.  I was amazed at the difference we could make to peoples lives.

Having had the good fortune to travel to remote parts of the world when sailing, and observing, amongst others Orinoco Indians in the delta of the Orinoco and Inuit in the high Arctic, I have continued to developed my interest in how people move.  

Following my desire to give something back in the memory of those effected by earlier events, I started on a journey of building a toolbox of expertise.  

In 2007 I went with a medical team of 22 into Kibera, the slum that wraps itself around Nairobi, after the post election violence, where there are 3 million displaced people living with no sanitation, no infrastructure of water or electricity.  As a team we treated some 3,000 people in 2 weeks.  It is this medical model that I has given me the inspiration to build a multi disciplinary approach to healthcare here in Hereford.

My two wonderful children and my amazing Grand Daughter never cease to amaze me with their approach to life and the obstacles that inevitably that stand in every bodies way! They are also my inspiration.  

I have found a new home in the beautiful city of Hereford.

To mark my arrival at the practice, Hazel my daughter has painted the door a bright teal to mark a new beginning and represent water, movement and health flowing through the practice doors. 

I am delighted to welcome:

  • Sandra Silcox

Invaluable Behind the Scenes Administrator 

We could not exist without Sandra's expertise and calm very professional approach!  

I will be adding to Sandra's profile so please do watch this space.....

  • Stephen Richardson BOst

Registered Osteopath

Steve is a very much needed addition to our steadily developing team.  We all work together to address the health issues of our patients and we complement each other perfectly in our approach and treatment.  I am delighted to welcome Steve, who like the rest of us, is highly professional, passionate and well qualified to treat the many differing cases we see here.

Steve trained at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) now University College of Osteopathy (UCO) in London and graduated in 2004.

After graduation returned to Ludlow where he is originally from, and spent the next three years in practice there.

During this time, Steve learnt the art of “Dry Needling” which is acupuncture in the Western form. This incorporates ideas from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and combines it with Western medical practice to help promote healing.

In 2007, an opportunity arose to go work in Dubai. Steve took that chance and lived and worked there for 10 years.

During that time Steve worked at the Dubai 7’s with various teams consisting of pro, semi pro and amateur players and also was involved with Dubai Exiles as both a player and in a medical capacity.

Also during this time Steve got introduced to ultra-endurance athletes and Iron Man competitors and began treating all levels of competitors from age group through to semi-professional athletes.

Steve also uses Kineseo taping to help with rehabilitation and injuries and in November 2017 Steve completed FIFA’s Diploma of Football Medicine.

  • Vanessa Hamilton,  Lic.Ac., M.B.Ac.C.

I am delighted to welcome Vanessa to our steadily growing team of highly professional practitioners.

Vanessa is an experienced practitioner of 31 years with extensive training behind her.  With her expertise, dedication and understanding of issues, she is able to help her patients regain their health on both a physical and emotional level.

Acupuncture is a complete system of diagnosis and treatment, and can be used to treat a variety of conditions as recognised by the World Health Organisation.

If you are unsure if acupuncture is suitable for you , Vanessa is happy to spend 15 minutes with you in person or on the phone to help you come to an informed decision.

For further information, visit: or phone: 07811120386

  • Paul Foley Dip Nut, CFMP

Paul has joined us as a very welcome member of our integrated approach to health care.  He is a fantastic practitioner and consummate professional.

Paul is a BANT registered nutritional therapist, trained Functional medicine practitioner & a phlebotomist (certified to take blood) and is one of the few practitioners in the country who is qualified in all three disciplines. Paul passionately believes that we must first identify the root cause of ill health. As such, for the last few years, Paul has been building a practice that focuses on testing clients first to identify what the cause of their poor health is and then develop scientific and researched protocols integrating lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements. Paul works with patients across the health spectrum but has a special interest in fatigue, brain function and chronic mystery illnesses like Lyme disease. This is what is known as 'Root Cause Medicine'.

  • Karla Prates, CAHSC Registered

Eurythmy & EFT


Karla is a welcome addition as well and with 35 years expertise as a Eurythmist & EFT therapist, brings a very different element to the practice.

With her background in dance, she brings "Dance for Joy and Health" to Hereford Osteopathic Centre. This is a form of dance, eurythmy and EFT aimed at restoring health, balancing the body, soul & mind.

Watch this space to learn more about Karla and Eurythmy!

 For more information and any enquiries about your health: 

Phone: Hereford 01432 356655